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Our Products

Below is the full array of products that we currently offer. Please note that not all of our products are available in our online store. Please email us at or call us at (669) 205-7222 if you have any questions.

100% Green Tripe

Made exclusively from grass-fed green tripe, this single-ingredient formula provides a natural food that dogs and cats crave. Packed with essential nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics, 100% Green Tripe supports optimal digestion, healthy skin and coat, and overall well-being.

This product is available in 1lb, 2lb and 5lb size chubs.

We also offer a fine grind which is great for small dogs and weaning puppies. We offer it 1lb and 5lb size chubs.

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Specially formulated for growing, active dogs of all breeds, Xkaliber supports muscle tone, joint health, and overall vitality.

This formula comes in a 1lb, 2lb, and 5lb roll size.

Ingredients: Beef Green Tripe, Beef Heart, Beef Tongue, Beef Trachea and Ground Bone.

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Tripe with Trachea

Unleash the joint-supporting power with Green Tripe with Trachea. Crafted from grass-fed green tripe and trachea, this formula is rich in chondroitin sulfate, supporting your pet's joint health and mobility.

This comes in a 1lb, 2lb and 5lb roll size.

Ingredients: Beef Green Tripe, Beef Trachea

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Tripe Organ Meat Blend

Indulge your pet's primal instincts with our Tripe Organ Meat Blend, meticulously crafted with a rich blend of organ meats and beef green tripe. This is a rich organ meat blend to be used as a supplement in the diet.

This formula comes in only a 2lb roll size.

Ingredients: Beef Heart, Beef Tongue, Beef Liver, Beef Lungs, Beef Pancreas, Beef Spleen and Beef Green Tripe.

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Beef Pancreas (Medicinal Use Only)

Freshly frozen beef pancreas is offered as an alternative to treating dogs with pancreatic health issues, such as Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI).

**Please note that we do not offer this on our online store. Please email or call us to order**

This comes in a 2lb roll size only.

Tiger's Choice

Our signature cat blend, Tiger's Choice, is crafted with a combination of beef heart, beef liver, and beef green tripe.

Ingredients (most to least):  Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Green Tripe. This is made in a fine grind.

Product is available in 1lb and 2lb size chub.

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Sheep Tripe

We now offer sheep tripe, which is a great alternative for pets with a beef allergy. This comes in a 2lb roll only.

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K9 Treasure Treats

K9 Treasure Treats

Stuffed Cow Hoof

Cow hooves are a great chewing treat -- even better when it's stuffed with green tripe! This treat is one cow hoof per bag.

Ingredients: Beef Cow Hoof, Beef Green Tripe

Plain Cow Hooves

We also offer just cow hooves if you would prefer not to have the tripe. This product contains three cow hooves per bag.

Ingredients: Beef Cow Hooves

Beef Trachea

Looking for a new chew treat? Try out our beef trachea. These come one trachea per bag.

Ingredients: Beef Trachea

K9 Magic

Reintroducing K9-Magic, now back by overwhelming popular demand! This delectable cooked training treat has garnered a devoted following among dog trainers and pet owners, making it a must-have dog treat for training.

Ingredients: Beef heart, Beef Green Tripe, Oat Flour, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Parsley, Thyme, Molasses and Vitamin C. 

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