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From: Sally Gutierrez


I have four dogs total who eat tripe at  They have benefited enormously from the Greentripe product line.  Two of them in particular are dependent on having tripe as their main entrée every day, else they will suffer from serious symptom flares.  Out of those two, one of them is an elderly dog who is 50 lbs and will turn 13 years of age this September.  He has a host of problems that occurred prior to the introduction of tripe a few years back: TPLO surgery, elbow dysplasia, GI/Diarrhea problems, Bronchitis, Elevated ALT levels, Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), carbohydrate intolerance and fat malabsorption problems.  Sheep or Beef green tripe are the only foods that keep many of his symptoms in check.


I discovered the positive connections to greentripe through thoroughly documenting his food intake, and through performing extensive blood tests, X-rays and abdominal scans for several months and years.  I observed this pattern again and again: whenever I introduced foods other than tripe one-at-a-time, his symptoms would get worse. I suspect that tripe’s low fat content is one reason that it works so well in controlling his ALT levels.


There was a time where other meats outside of tripe triggered a spike in this ALT levels which triggered a pancreatic flare.  I thought for sure he was a goner.  I was stunned to discover that it was the tripe that produced the least damaging symptom effects, and a subsequent dramatic lowering of his ALT levels.  NOTE: His liver stress issues are extrahepatic in nature, as confirmed by his internist.


Because I have been able to keep his symptoms in check since 2011, he’s still has a sparkly puppy temperament.  As a matter of fact, I have to curtail his want to run and bound about, because those actions will exacerbate the elbow dysplasia!


So far, he has not needed any pain medications.  And the vets always marvel at how great he looks given his age.

I have two dogs who have atopic dermatitis.  Both have had their symptoms brought under control through eating tripe.  One is allergic to grass.  I discovered that offers a Calf Excaliber product, which is composed of meat from calves that only suckled their mothers.  The calves have not consumed grass during their lifespans.  This product brought the grass-allergic dog’s symptoms under control.  The act of chewing on his foot as if it were a piece of chicken drumstick, is a distant thing of the past.


The fourth dog is the only dog that I own that can eat virtually any food, without the foods resulting in diarrhea or allergy symptoms.  However, since he has hip dysplasia with Mod+ arthritis, I want to keep that problem in check.  He has less pain when given beef or sheep greentripe, so he too is fed Greentripe products every day.  He also had some health ups and downs due to spleen problems (which led to a spleenectomy) and unknown brewing infections of the teeth that likely went on for months.  When these problems were affecting him, tripe had the most gentle effect on his digestion process, and he was also less fatigued.


I believe it’s not just the tripe per se that is so beneficial to all my dogs’ health.  It the fact that’s product line are organic and grassfed (with the exception of their calf products) in a USDA inspected facility.  This was the driving factor in my selecting this facility for their products.

There’s no doubt about it, tripe consumption results in an exceptional quality of life for all my dogs.  Their physical and mental health are extraordinary given their ages.  None of them have the need to be on any prescription medications since the tripe so effectively keeps their symptoms under control.  As a matter-of-fact I have to stock up on Greentripe product line to ensure that I will have enough food in the event of a disaster!  Their products are literally life savers and bring me and my dogs incredible peace-of-mind!




From: Cathy Gushulak and Samantha


My nine year old Rottweiler, Samantha, has Pancreatitis. Her body doesn't make exocrine enzymes, which allows the body to breakdown and absorb food. There is one medication on the market, which we used for a while, but Samantha developed an allergy to it. After discontinuing the medication Sam lost 20 lbs and was literally starving to death, her body was shutting down. She was losing her fur, was developing elephant skin, and had absolutely no energy.


Mary, the day I met you was a turning point in our lives. Thank you for introducing me to Green Tripe and a raw diet. For the past two months Sam's diet has consisted of Green Tripe, raw beef pancreas and a bit of Innova kibble.


Her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. We started the raw diet on Wednesday July 3rd, 2002. Sam's weight that day was 66 lbs. Her first weigh-in was on Monday July 8th. She had gained 6 lbs in just 5 days. Weigh-ins continued every 3 - 4 days for the next few weeks, each time we saw an increase of 2 - 3lbs. Her last weigh-in was Friday, August 16th. Her weight was 83.4 lbs, 1.5 lbs under her normal weight. Sam's fur has grown back and her energy level is way up. For the first time she is playing with other dogs in our house.


Mary, thank you so much for the information you have given, the time you have donated toward Samantha's recovery and your incredible generosity. You truly saved her life and have allowed me more time with one of my best friends.



Cathy Gushulak




From: Penny Alfonso and Lewis & Clark

I had some really good news today and I posted it to my K9Kidneys web group. I wanted to share it with you too, for you "testimonials", so below is a copy of what I posted:


"I just got good news and wanted to share it with you guys: Clarkie's creatinine is down to was 4.7 one month ago! Since I got the report of 4.7, the changes I made have been that the only protein source he gets is green tripe or cottage cheese, and I increased his subQs from twice a week to three times a week. I still give him veggies mixed with the green tripe, and I have made no changes to his meds. Plus, as I have already said several times, the green tripe is responsible for him eating again, when he was starting to not eat anything I gave him! I was hoping to be able to have good results with the green tripe....this is the proof I was hoping for! My vet is amazed too! She is beginning to get interested in learning about green tripe!"


Mary, I don't know if you've had any experience with kidney failure, but it is next to impossible to bring a creatinine value DOWN. The most you can hope for, as the kidneys slowly decline, is either to slow down the decline, or if something WONDERFUL happens, to have the creatinine remain the same! I couldn't believe that it went down, and almost one full point!! The significance of that is amazing! I know it is only a temporary improvement, but I am still thrilled. The blood test before last, it was 3.5, then it jumped to 4.7, and I was prepared for the beginning of a decline, especially since he had started not to eat. So you can imagine my excitement at this latest reading. Plus, the fact that now he is eating again; he has his days where I have to coax him a little, but he still loves the green tripe enough to eat almost everything I give him.....I can grate veggies into it and put his many (about 12) pills into it, and he will get it all down.


Just wanted to let you know.



Penny Alfonso



From: Gina Barnett


Fred thinks he died and went to heaven! Today our 6 lbs of Liver Biscotti arrived (that's 3600 liver biscotti treats!), and our 8 lb green tripe sampler was also awaiting us. I tell ya, I've got the best behaved dog on the planet. He's just following me around tonight, licking his chops, saying "What would you like me to do?" (The joys of having a food-motivated dog ) I've told him I want him to pass his CGC test on Saturday and not blow it off because I *know* he can do it! ...I think I have a dog who is now *very* motivated to pass. [:-)]


The green tripe is truly the stinkiest stuff I've ever encountered. And having been a lifelong dog and cat person, I've encountered my fair share of grossly smelly yucky stuff. But the green tripe takes the prize, hands down. Ohmigawd, Julie, how do you ever manage it?


Fred, however, thinks it is the food of the (dog) gods. He was literally salivating while I spooned the stuff into his bowl. (And this from a dog who takes for granted that his meals will consist of lamb shanks, chicken backs, beef ribs, turkey necks.) He's never been one to inhale his food. He savors it. And tonight he practically caressed every bite, then lovingly licked his bowl for about 5 minutes afterwards. He's still in a trance. I needn't have bothered with the sampler package. I should have just bought stock in the company!


Gina, Fred (No Tripe, No CGC) & Maude Gonne (c*t)



From: Lyle Coleman - Strathcona Norfolk Terriers


Hi Mary,

I decided to write you a short note regarding my Norfolk Terriers (pups and adults) and Green Tripe.


They all, young and old, love the "stuff". We have 9 week old pups that were weaned on BARF. Whenever we put chicken, turkey, lamb, or beef in the bowl with a TBSP. of the tripe, every one of them dives for the tripe first...every time. Whenever we take out a freshly defrosted roll and allow the lovely aromatic odors to permeate the feeding area (the kitchen and the rest of the house) the rest of the "group" goes wild. They just can't wait to get at the "stuff". Hey, if they're happy we're happy, and this is definitely a healthier and less expensive alternative to the commercially processed, manufactured product.


As an aside, I must applaud your diligence and service. The product arrives on time and in perfect condition.


I am convinced that this is great "stuff" for dogs, and as long as I have dogs I will continue to be a customer.


Thank you,


Lyle Coleman (Strathcona Norfolk Terriers)

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