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Feeding Green Tripe


Q: How much should I feed?

A: How much to feed each dog depends upon their age, activity level and individual dog's metabolism. A good starting point is 2 - 3% of the dog's healthy body weight fed each day. For a 50 pound dog that would equate to about 1 to 1-1/2 pounds per day.

Growing pups often do well when offered 2% of their projected adult weight fed each day...with young pups this amount would be divided into 2 or more smaller meals each day.


Q: Why is green tripe so beneficial for dogs in Kidney Renal Failure?

A: In addition to having easily digested nutrients and probiotics, other important factors for dogs like yours are the phosphorous level is low, the calcium: phosphorous ratio is 1:1 and the high moisture content provides proper hydration of internal organs.


Another thing to consider is that all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. are in their natural state...nothing synthetic or processed.


In this natural form, everything is easier for the dog's body to absorb and utilize. It is also very helpful that dogs are naturally attracted to the flavor and smell of green tripe.  When dogs don't feel well, they have less interest in eating, so it is great to find a food that is so beneficial and  entices them to eat.

Please check out these websites for more information:

Q: How long can I keep a defrosted roll of green tripe in my refrigerator?

A:  We recommend using the roll in 3 days from being placed in the refrigerator.


Q: What is the raw beef pancreas used for?

A: Pancreas is used for dogs with pancreatic issues (this is a totally different organ/body function than the kidney).  The 100% raw beef pancreas is specifically for dogs/cats with EPI. Some customers have had success with using lower doses than the usual 2 oz. for every 20 lbs. of body weight twice per day for dogs with pancreatitis. It may help with diabetic dogs as well, but we do not have enough feedback on this yet as far as success and recommended amounts.


Healthy dogs and those with pancreatitis or diabetic issues might do well enough with the amount of pancreas in the Tripe/Organ Meat Blend.


Placing an Order


Q: What Volume Discounts do you offer?

A: We offer volume discounts at 200 lbs (customer pick-up only), 500 lbs, and 1,500 lbs. Please contact us for the pricing.


Q: When should I get my order in?

A: For shipping, we ask customers to get us their order by Wednesday the week before the Monday we ship out the order.


On volume orders (200 lbs +), we ask for 8-10 business days before the preferred pickup/shipping date.


Q: How does the shipping work?

A:   Smaller frozen product orders can be shipped via UPS. There is a packing charge of $16.00 per shipping cooler.  Contact us to find out your UPS Shipping zone.


The UPS delivery charge would depend upon the weight and service used for each package. The shipping cooler can hold 44 of the 1lb rolls (44lbs total) or 23 of the 2lb rolls (46lbs total), or 9 of the 5lb rolls (45lbs total). Each cooler is individually packed, so you can easily mix products and rolls sizes.


The minimum order that we can ship is 20lbs of frozen product.


We ship our coolers each Monday. If you want to place an order to be shipped, we request that you place it the week before (by Wednesday).


Frozen product orders of 500lbs or more are shipped via LTL frozen trucking. There is no packing charge for orders shipped in this manner. The freight charge is based upon the weight on the pallet and delivery location.


Q: How do you place an order?

A: You can email us at or call our office at 833-GOT-TRIPE or 669-205-7223.

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